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Acworth #176   BattleHill #523   

James E. SledgeDLL #742   

Kennesaw #33   Latham #12   

Mableton #171   

Meyerhardt #314    Nelms #323

Samuel Lawrence #721

Springville #153  

How do I Become a Mason?

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"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it"     - -Edith Wharton (1902)

"Even the smallest light can make a difference in the darkest night"  - -Marianette Carbito

If your Blue Lodge does not offer MEANING, your members are going to drift away!   --Unknown

Independent Websites

The Masonic Roundtable

- A weekly Hangout of Masons from across the country. Live broadcast Tuesdays at 10/9C. 

Masonic Find

- Good Reading, and a link to more things Masonic  

Masonic Lodge of Education

- Good Books & Advice

Freemasons for Dummies

- A blog spot that offers a chance for Q&A and allows you to share you opinions.

Freemason Information

- A Web Magazine about Freemasonry.


The Masonic Trowel

- Contains a collection of Masonic Short Talk Bulletins.


Phoenix Masonry

- An Independent and Universal Masonic Resource


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Georgia Masonic Messenger

- Current and past issues


Masonic Service Association

- Home of the Short Talk Bulletins


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About Freemasonry on the BBC


2023 7th District Convention



Mike Pappafotis   or   Mike Taylor

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Coming Events (Short Term)and check the Calendar!


Wednesday November 1, 2023



Annual Pre-School Starts

by WB Dick Cunningham

7th District Custodian

(First 4 Wednesdays in November)


Monday November 13, 2023

Nelms Lodge #323

OPEN Communication

6:00pm Open

7:30pm Meeting

Veterans Appreciation Night

Past Masters Steak Night

PGM Jan Giddens

WB Dick Cunningham

Please RSVP please!!!!


MEETING DAY - 2nd Wednesday of each month

11:00am followed by Lunch

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